Owner charged after woman attacked by dogs on Chedoke Radial Trail

The owner of two German Shepherds is facing provincial offence charges in connection with a dog attack that landed a woman in hospital last week.

The City of Hamilton also said a probe into the dog bite incident led Animal Services to designate both dogs as dangerous under its animal ownership bylaw. This means the dogs will have to be equipped with muzzles and leashes secured to collars or harnesses while in public.

“Dog owners need to be aware that they are liable for their dog’s actions whether it involves biting a person, attacking another animal or running at large,” a city spokesperson said in a statement.

The owner will have to put up a clearly visible sign outside their property warning of the presence of a dangerous dog.

The city said the dog owner is facing three charges, including permit dog to bite person and two counts of fail to license dog.

Tamara Dufour and her partner, Marcel Camposilvan, were riding on the Chedoke Radial Trail on June 23 when she was mauled by a German Shepherd.

Dufour managed to fight the dog off by hitting it with her bike, but it still wounded her leg.

Camposilvan called an ambulance and Dufour spent the next nine hours in the hospital. It took about thirty stitches to close the wounds.

The couple called police and animal control to report the attack, but said they were told there was little anyone could do without more information about the man.

Camposilvan did his own investigative work to try and track down the man and his dogs. He put up a sign at the Chedoke Trail and reached out on social media.

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