Opposition positions on gas plant compared to sexual how-to guide

Ontario’s opposition parties are doubting some of the testimony from Dalton McGuinty’s former chief of staff about the cancelled gas plant in Oakville.

David Livingston — who was directly involved in talks with TransCanada about compensation for cancelling the Oakville plant — told the justice committee this morning that he didn’t know TransCanada had rejected an offer of almost $750 million when he joined negotiations.

“I don’t really recall ever being given a number. I would say more is that once it became clear what was going to be possible to do, I was coming back to the government, and the parties to the agreement if there was going to be one reached, were going to have to be (the Ontario Power Authority), TransCanada and the province, and so it was more me explaining what was possible and them deciding were they prepared to live with it.”

Conservative energy critic Vic Fedeli — who did the questioning — said he has a hard time believing Livingston wouldn’t have been told about offers the project developer had rejected. Opposition parties warn the cancellation of the plant could cost taxpayers over $1 billion.

Over in the legislature, the gas plant debate continued in question period. Government house leader John Milloy fired back against the opposition.

“Mr Speaker, let’s review the facts. They opposed the gas plan. We came into power, we followed up with it and they screamed bloody murder. We offer them a select committee and instead they wanted a witch hunt against a private member. We offered to give them every document in government and they voted against it.”

“They have had more positions on the gas plant than the Kama Sutra over the past couple of months and I think it’s time that they came clear on their position in this matter.”

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