OPP responds to more than 400 crashes in 24 hours

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) says officers have responded to more than 400 crashes in the last 24 hours.

In a periscope video, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said driver error is likely to blame for the majority of the collisions.

“The roads are obviously slippery. We need to give ourselves a little more space and drive a little slower,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt says OPP officers have been called to dozens of collision Tuesday morning but traffic is moving well on most of the roadways. He says motorists should be prepared in case they do end up in a collision.

“Make sure you’ve got your gloves and boots. If you do end up in a ditch, or in a wall, or in the back of a vehicle in front of you, know where you are. If you need emergency assistance, you can call *OPP on your cell phone,” said Schmidt.

He says if your vehicle is moveable, pull off the highway so you are not in a vulnerable position.

Police are also reminding drivers to ensure vehicles are completely cleared off and lights are visible.