Financial literacy now mandatory for grade 10 students

In his first announcement as minister of education, Stephen Lecce unveiled a new curriculum plan for grade 10 students, by taking the ‘career studies course’, and revamping it to include financial literacy.

“The course also includes content on the value of using credit responsibly, tackling expenses and paying bills on time.”

It will also include making a plan to fund their first year after high school.

“My focus is on giving our young people, the confidence, the skills and tools to get access to good paying jobs of the future.”

Dave Schurman with FirstOntario Credit Union says teaching finance skills needs to start much earlier. He cited British Columbia’s model as an example.

“Is this enough? I don’t think it is, and if you look coast to coast, education is the responsibility of the province. I dont think any province does a great job at it, but British Columbia, they incorporate financial literacy into every math class, starting in kindergarten.”

The new curriculum will come into effect in September.