Ontario considering extending lockdown into June

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Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet are expected to meet to discuss extending the current stay-at-home order.

It’s believed the order will be extended until June 2nd to avoid gatherings over the Victoria Day long weekend.

The current end date for the stay-at-home order is May 20th.

Medical experts have been saying the lockdown needs to continue to keep lowering case numbers and to ease the pressure on hospitals.


  1. Ya know I am willing to follow anything Ford decides . He hasn’t been perfect but he isnavigating an unknown area and overall has done a very good job . See if he says 2 more weeks 2 more weeks it is all he is trying to do is save lives and I am in for that

  2. Absolutely insane to think that extending the lockdown will actually prevent people from opening weekend at their camp sites.
    Going about it all wrong, clearly with all the rallying across Ontario the people have had enough!
    Time to reassess and do right by the public and not your political agenda!

  3. If he does that he it’s screwing up the country even more because even if the lockdown is extended people are still going to gather over Victoria Day weekend no matter what and when with the lockdown now cases are still going up cause the lockdown is not working

  4. My understanding is with more vaccinations being given..numbers should be down…I think Doug Ford needs to reconsider keeping us locked down!it should end May 20th ..if he wants to keep locking down every time a special occasion comes up we will never get out of lockdown…next is Father’s Day in June..then Canada Day July..then on on…with isolation an depression on rise..he needs to see the whole picture…we don’t all have a huge house or cottage like him to get away. I’m sure he is seeing his family….I usually agree with Doug Ford..but not on this issue…we all need to move forward with our lives …

  5. I get the lockdown I do, but lift non essential for stores. Somethings for one are non essential where others they are..like summer clothes..baby items..towels and bedding. Come for real, the makeup area is open and hairdye!

  6. End the lockdown in low case regions or let businesses open at low capacity. Small businesses are hurting too much. Costco can have a hundred people in their store but a small business can’t have 2 or 3 people. Absolutely ridiculous.

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