Ontario college strike continues

The Ontario college strike is now in its third week and teachers are worried students will lose their entire semester if it doesn’t end soon. But the colleges say they’re coming up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s been 16 days since faculty at colleges across Ontario set up picket lines and there’s no end in sight and that has students worried.

The Mohawk Students Association president says frustrations are growing as students are left wondering what’s next.

“Students are feeling very panicked very stressed. They just want to get back to class and back to work and back to business as usual.” said Samantha Hoover.

Twelve thousand faculty and staff have been out of the classrooms and on the picket lines since October 16th. No new talks are planned

The union says it wants a 50/50 split between full time faculty and contract faculty, more job security and more say in academic decision making.

Teachers fear their students will lose their entire semester if this strike doesn’t end soon.

“Its getting really worrisome for faculty and we have not been contacted at all by the colleges about a a plan to make this work.”

Mohawk College says it’s working on a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen.

No college student in Ontario has ever lost his or her year due to a faculty strike.

“The solution will be found at the table between the two parties so I again reiterate to both parties to get back to the table to sort it out.” said Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews.

More than 500 000 students are affected by the labour action.

The Mohawk Students Association along with seven other student associations will be at Queen’s Park tomorrow afternoon for a rally urging the two sides to resume negotiations.


  1. If teachers fear students will lose their semester they shouldn’t have walked off the job. Give notice of strike. Don’t allow students to register and waste their money until you are finished.

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