Q&A With Original Show Creator Steve Dunn


We asked original Tiny Talent Time show creator Steve Dunn about his thoughts on bringing the show back for a brand new season:  

Q: Even though times have changed, what is it about Tiny Talent Time that you think will still ring true with viewers?

A: The old Vaudeville saying still holds true today for performers: “Never follow a child or animal act!” What still rings true with viewers today is that unlike anything else we might see on TV, children always attract attention by their innocence, naturalness and unpredictability… and of course, talent. I think viewers, both children and adults, automatically empathize with the young performers, and hope they do well. In turn, children hope they have the chance to get on TTT one day if they develop their own talents.  

Q: What advice would you offer our new hosts as they get ready to snap their fingers and chat about wishes with the young performers?

A: Advice for performers: Be yourself – don’t act, don’t hurry, and listen!  

Q: What are you hoping to see on the new Tiny Talent Time?

A: We always started with the second best act and finished with the best act.  As the saying goes “Always leave them wanting more!” I’d like to see the usual vocal and instrumentals, some traditional and some modern, and I’d love to see dancers, especially tap dancers. Whenever the talent is able to express themselves through performance, that is always key.