Niagara regional council has voted to suspend Mayor Dave Bylsma’s pay

The regional council has voted to suspend the Mayor of West Lincoln’s pay for 7 days.

This comes after the integrity commissioner recommended council suspend Mayor Dave Bylsma pay after an inappropriate message was sent to a woman, back in May Bylsma, who also sits on Niagara regional council sent a woman a message, writing in part:

You posted that you received the vaccine a while back correct… not a usual question to ask an acquaintance but did you notice any changes in your period ?”.

A report by the integrity commissioner found that the Mayor was clearly out of line when he sent a private message about her period. Tonight his code of conduct was discussed at the Niagara regional council meeting.

It’s not the first time Bylsma has come under fire for making controversial comments. This spring Bylsma also attended anti lockdown rallies – and told CHCH News the covid vaccine isn’t essential.


  1. Honestly the consequences should be harder at this point, his controversial comments through the pandemic has been horrible. Why does he still have a position in government? He already shows that he is clearly not fit for it.

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