Niagara Region to consider making face masks mandatory

Niagara Region is considering making face masks mandatory amid worries about COVID-19.

Regional officials are holding a meeting on Wednesday to discuss.

If a motion in favour passes, masks will become mandatory in indoor locations where physical distancing is not possible.

“We have a number of people who come from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to visit, particularly for tourism purposes,” Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley told CHCH News.

“The opportunity to see spread come from the GTA may be greater because of that so that is one of the reasons it becomes compelling by in the minds of many people to have a compulsory rule of masks.”

Bradley says he understands that it will be tough to enforce the rule but believes that when there is a law passed, most people will follow it.

Jason Gaidola has the details.


  1. I agree with mask wearing. I have many health problems and even if I just go to the post office I put my mask on before I leave my car. You can’t stop people from sneezing even though it’s probably allergies but I don’t want to risk my life or that of my 4 adult children or my grandchildren which I have not seen since the outbreak. You can’t replace yourself or your family and I happen to love mine to the moon and back.

  2. Please make masks mandatory. It’s sad that it has come to this. Some seem to think that reopening the province means the virus has gone away. They act like it. Either that, or those “at risk” are an acceptable loss.
    As someone in that category, who is relatively young, with kids that need her, that taught in Hamilton for many years (until I developed MS) and continues to be an artist, musician, etc. I feel like my life is in the public’s hands. While grocery shopping this week, I saw so many not wearing masks, not showing courtesy, following traffic flow, etc. that it made me very sad indeed. One young woman stood right next to me, to get some chips. I said, “excuse me, but you are too close to me not wearing a mask!” All I got was “Sorry!” She didn’t move. Didn’t wait her turn. Just kept shoving her way next to me for her snacks. I was in shock, as snacks are clearly more important than my sense of well-being. If I remind people of guidelines, instruct them that a social circle of 10 is far different than the amount of people that can congregate in public outdoors, I am seen as a troublemaker, a rude person, paranoid. Imagine if your life was possibly in the hands of l, for example, the thoughtless snack-focused woman who was aware but could care less.
    This is why masks need to be made mandatory.

  3. If the purpose of the difficult-to-enforce rule is especially for tourists and out of towners how exactly will there be any accountability? Local rules tend to only be recognized and adhered to any degree of reliability by the local community. It seems like overreach and ineffective. Let those individual spaces regulate and enforce these things on their own terms, otherwise it won’t work anyway.

    You can’t just keep making more rules hoping to solve the problem of people not following existing rules. People need to actually enforce the original rules if they aren’t followed

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