Niagara region braces for potential historic snowfall

Parts of the Niagara region are bracing themselves for what could be a historic snowfall.

Fort Erie experienced some overnight snow on Thursday prompting officials to shut down school buses and a weekend Santa Claus parade as precautions.

New York officials issued a state of emergency. Americans in and around Erie county are expected to be hit with at least four feet of lake-effect snow with high winds and even lightning. The storm prompted the NFL’s Buffalo Bills to relocate their game to Detroit this weekend.

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop says crews from other municipalities will be ready to deploy extra resources like trucks to help stave off any additional strain.

“We expect will be the hardest hit area and Port Colborne out of all the municipalities,” Redekop said.  Redekop urges residents to not go out unless they have to.

Mayor Redekop says if the town issues a state of emergency, that means all utility and emergency services will be a part of a response unit.