Niagara police warn of ‘You dropped this money’ scam

Niagara police are warning the public after a recent surge in credit and debit card scams.

Police say a number of victims have reported incidents at retail stores over the past several weeks.

The victims said after leaving the checkout, they were approached by a person who said they had dropped some money. The suspect then handed a $10 or $20 bill over to the victim.

A short time later, the citizen discovered the card they had just used to pay for their purchase was missing from their wallet or purse.

“After the fact, persons recalled having someone standing directly behind them while they were entering their PIN into the credit and debit machine at the retail outlet,” said Niagara police in a news release.

Police are reminding residents to be aware of their surroundings and ensure no one is close enough to watch you enter your PIN when making purchases.

They also suggest walking away if you are approached by someone claiming you dropped some money.

“While communicating with strangers be aware of the locations of your purse, wallet and debit and credit cards especially if a card is still in your hand,” said police.

Anyone with information that could help with the investigation is asked to contact police.