Niagara peaches are ripe and ready

Hordes of tourists in Niagara aren’t the only sure sign it’s summer.

There’s also picking peaches.

It’s late July and the harvest is just getting started.

Last month’s weather full of heat and humidity, even the threat of hail made growers nervous about what kind of season this would be for the tender fruit.

But as customers at Vandelaar farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake told CHCH’s Lauran Sabourin, the yield is sweet and fresh. The stand was busy all day Friday.

Back at the Tregunno farm they’re busy sorting and packing crates full of the mouth-watering peaches.

Next stop? Grocery stores and markets across Ontario.

By the time every peach in Niagara is picked from the trees they will fill eight million baskets.

Fans of Niagara peaches should expect to see them in their neighbourhoods by this weekend.


  1. Looks good. I hope the article is right and these will be in local supermarkets because I usually find it hard to find local fruit in the grocery stores.

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