Niagara ‘Cheese Cop’ gets sentenced

A judge has sentenced a Niagara Police officer to four months in jail for his role in a cheese smuggling ring. Constable Scott Heron was found guilty in September, of smuggling 143-thousand dollars worth of cheese and chicken wings into Canada, and failing to pay 325 thousand dollars in duties.

The crown was asking for a 15 month sentence. The defence was asking for a 30-thousand dollar fine.

Scott Heron got up in court this afternoon and said that his downward spiral into substance abuse and smuggling happened in 2009 when he was in a car crash that killed his best friend.

Heron claimed he was not guilty all along.

Defence Council Mike DelGobbo says he’s extremely disappointed at the jail sentence. He was hoping for a large fine.

Referring to Scott Heron, Justice James Ramsay used the words ‘corrupt’ and ‘greedy’ and sentenced him to jail time because he is a police officer.


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