New pharmacy techniques


Many of us have witnessed the expanding role of the pharmacist. Providing flu shots to the public helped to underscore their accessibility. As they broaden their relationship with patients, many pharmacies are adopting new technologies to ensure they have the time.

Ridgeway Pharmacist Donnie Edwards: “We’re the hub of the healthcare system. We work collaboratively with the physicians and dentists and nurse practitioners. It’s a team approach and team effort now to really take care of somebody’s health.”

The role of the pharmacist has shifted over the last decade. Ridgeway Pharmacist Donnie Edwards says it’s not about counting pills. It’s about health and wellness: “The pharmacist is the number one trusted health care profession. So people trust us. We’re accessible. Easy to talk to and I think that’s really important for people to feel comfortable speaking with someone they trust.”

To increase that patient communication, Edwards Pharmacy has teamed up with Pharma Velocity and the technology of the day.

Donnie said: “That may not be the old days of a telephone call. It may be an email. It may be a text message. So it’s really important to stay connected and pharma velocity allows the pharmacist to stay connected with their patient.”

Pharma Velocity isn’t computer software, but a physical entity that works on behalf of the pharmacy team.

Donnie said: “If we wanted to talk about diabetes with our diabetes patients and have a special day arranged, a health expo on diabetes, Pharma Velocity can identify those patients for us and contact them in the way they want to be contacted to inform them about the day.”

It contacts patients about med check appointments. Sends out prescription refill reminders. Even alerts, should a drug be recalled.

Donnie said: “It’s really an offering that allows the pharmacist to spend more time with the patient. We’re not the ones to have to make those connections to get those patients here.”

Pharma Velocity is one of many software style solutions available to aid the pharmacist/patient relationship.