New details about the nurse accused of killing 8 nursing home residents

A nurse facing eight first degree murder charges is getting a lot of attention at Queen’s Park. Today we learned that Elizabeth Wettlaufer, who goes by the name “Beth,” recently spent time in rehab at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It was staff there who alerted police about information provided by the 49 year old nurse, who is now charged with 8 counts of first-degree murder involving residents at two nursing homes. Experts say if convicted, she fits the bill of a serial health care killer.

A woman who worked with Wettlaufer during her time at Caressant Care nursing home in Woodstock spoke with CHCH’s Kate Carnegie saying “From what I saw of her interactions with the residents she was very professional.”

Seven of the victims lived at the Caressant Care in Woodstock. The eighth person was a patient at the Meadow Park Long term care facility in London. Police would not say exactly how they died, except that 7 of them received a fatal dose of a drug.

“I remember seeing them when I would go into work and then I remember hearing when someone passed away but you don’t really think much of it because in nursing homes people pass away all the time so I guess that’s why there were no red flags.”

Wettlaufer was put under a peace bond earlier this month and one condition was a ban on possessing insulin or other medication.