New accusations in the Dalley trial

There was a startling accusation during testimony in the murder trial of Greg Dalley this afternoon and it came from Dalley’s lawyer, Greg Leslie.

The body of 2 year old Noah Keizer was found on the floor of LaSaundra Grey’s apartment in July of 2012. It was carried there by Noah’s baby sitter, Greg Dalley but in cross-examining LaSaundra Grey as a witness today Leslie, offered a new theory in the case.

On the night that 2 year old Noah Keizer died, the man accused of killing him was socializing with two women who lived in the same building as Noah, and his mother. LaSaundra Grey and Ashlynn Kushuba, knew Greg Dalley as well as Noah’s mother. Throughout his cross examination of LaSaundra Grey defence Lawyer Greg Leslie spent almost 2 days, getting Grey to agree with him on a host of questions some of them seemingly obvious.
Yes, she saw Greg Dalley and Noah Keizer that night.
Yes, she visited the apartment upstairs where Noah lived with his mother.
Yes she, Dalley and Kushuba were planning to go out.
Yes, she was the one who first noticed that Noah was hurt.
Yes, she was the one who helped Greg Dalley wipe the blood from his face, and put him back to bed.
Yes, she went back to her own apartment immediately afterward to have a shower, and get ready to go out.
Leslie also established brief moments, when Grey was alone in the apartment with Noah that night while Dalley was on the balcony. Once to wash her hands, once to get a drink.

But it was the next series of questions that rocked the courtroom, with a one-two punch. “I’m going to suggest that you knew Noah was hurt, because you were a party to it. ”
” No.” said a visibly surprised Grey
” I’m going to suggest all of this because you are the one that harmed Noah.”
Grey flatly denied it on the witness stand but wouldn’t speak, outside the courthouse.