NDP demanding details on deleted documents

(Updated) The opposition at Queen’s Park is on the hunt for more documents that may have been destroyed in the Liberal government’s power plant scandal.

NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns says they did this before. The result was the current scandal over the illegal destruction of emails in the former premier and energy ministers’ offices. Now the NDP is trying it again.

Tabuns says their earlier request for emails about the about the decision to cancel the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville turned up nothing. He says that led to the Privacy Commissioner’s report that government emails had been destroyed illegally, with a police investigation now under way. The Conservatives say a cover up is continuing.

The New Democrats say they’re trying to track down any specific messages about the power plants that may have been sent over BlackBerrys and the BlackBerry PIN system in premier Kathleen Wynne’s office.

“We have asked for the release of BlackBerry messages and PIN messages relevant to the gas plant scandal from the BlackBerrys of staff in the premiers office. We have been told that in fact no such messages exist with regard to the gas plant scandal. We have appealed that decision. We are very suspicious.”

As are conservatives like Rod Jackson. “They’re going to cover up their emails, they’re going to destroy emails and any evidence that sets us on the trail to really showing what they’re responsible for, who’s responsible for the cover up of the gas plants so any information they have they need to come forward with.”

This comes after a former chief of staff to Dalton McGuinty argued that workers in the premier’s office were requried by law to destroy some documents. the opposition says that doesn’t explain why there’s no backup record of emails.