Muslim community reacts to attacks


The Canadian Muslim community has condemned this weeks attacks in Ottawa and Quebec but many Canadian Muslims fear backlash.

Within one week, two members of Canada’s Armed Forces have been killed.

On Monday 53-year-old Patrice Vincent was killed when he was struck in a targeted hit-and-run in Quebec.

On Wednesday 24-year-old Nathan Cirillo was gunned down outside the War Memorial Museum in Ottawa.

The two responsible in the senseless attacks were both born and raised in Canada and recent Muslim converts.

The news of the attack struck a cord with the Muslim community.

Cirillo’s shooter was killed after opening fire at Parliament Hill. He was born in Quebec and had intentions of fighting in Syria with ISIS.

Muslim leaders denounced Wednesday’s attack.

The community says it will stand firm with all Canadians in condemning such threats to Canada.

Most recently a mosque in Cold Lake Alberta was vandalized.

Racist messages including the words “go home” were sprawled on the outside of the mosque.

Muslim leaders say it’s the responsibility of the Muslim community to educate.

Muslim leaders say they are praying for Cirillo’s family and friends during this difficult time.

They said the crowds that came out to greet Cirillo’s body in Hamilton Friday night is a true testament of how united our country is, regardless of religion.



  1. In EVERY Sex, Race & Religion, there are good & bad. I would be saddened if I were to have to pay for other Christians’ sins. Understanding “Each As An Individual” is the key to getting through this.

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