Momentum Choir

It’s the only choir of its kind in Canada, Momentum choir is unique in that it’s made up of people with disabilities and they’re putting the final touches on their season ending concert called “be brave”.

Momentum choir has been picking up steam as they look to close out their 9th season. The choir is no stranger to the stage, they’ve performed at the House of Commons, churches, banquets and even auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent.

The disabilities vary for each choir member but that doesn’t stop them from meeting every week for an hour to rehearse. Dan Edwards will be singing a solo during the choir’s rendition of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. Edwards is blind and autistic and relies on his mother Cheryl. She says singing in the choir has helped build Dan’s self-confidence.

Artistic director Mendelt Hoekstra started the choir 9 years ago. At the time they only had 8 members. He works as a music therapist during the week, he says the choir is more than just a weekly activity but also a platform to show what they can do and when the music starts disability takes a back seat.