Mom upset that son with Tourette’s was discriminated at the movies

A 16 year old Hamilton boy with Tourette’s had a horrible experience this week trying to celebrate his birthday. His condition started acting up during a movie and the response from the rest of the crowd was less than kind.

Joshua Martineau was born with Kabuki syndrome and with it Tourette’s. He just celebrated his 16th birthday on Tuesday and went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Cineplex on Hamilton mountain when his Tourette’s started acting up.

“He makes rasberry sounds, kissy sounds, lipsmacking sounds.”

His mom told people that Joshua had Tourette’s so they’d stop yelling at him. Overall Joshua enjoyed the movie, but left the theatre feeling horrible, he told his mom that night that he hates himself.

His mom shared their experience on social media hoping to teach others not to be so quick to judge. Cineplex heard her complaints and offered Joshua a private screening of the movie with his friends and even offered to interview him for a job.


  1. Sad as this is, I don’t see ‘discrimination’ here. I see a young man who struggles with issues of birth who was uncontrollably disturbing a theatre of patrons who paid to enjoy a movie.

    Yes, he has difficulties but if he is having an episode in this situation, better he be removed and protected from scorn than try to educate bystanders in the darkness.

    On the high side : what more can one expect of the theatre management than what they did? Absolutely extraordinary and compassionate reaction to the situation. Bravo.

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