Milton Velodrome up and running

Canadian cyclists finally have a place to call home. The Milton Velodrome, the official venue for the Pan Am track cycling events, is now up and running. It means big things for the Canadian cycling community.

This $56 million dollar world class facility means big things for the town of Milton because of it’s community use, but also for Canadian cycling. “It already has a strong tradition of cyclists in this region with the escarpment but it also has developed a national cycling centre here so more and more young people will get a chance to try track cycling” says TO2015 Organizing Committee CEO Saad Rafi.

Olympic Silver medalist Steve Bauer agrees ” it’s an amazing opportunity to develop athletes and provide new young talent for the Canadian National team and for our future, for the Olympic future”.

Until now Canadian track cyclists had no where to call home. 3 time Olympic medalist Curt Harnett calls the Veladrome a game changer “now we have a home, now the national team has a place to call home. Normally they’ve had to travel out of the country.”