Memories of the Royal Connaught

There’s been an overwhelming response to the Memories of the Royal Connaught contest, but just before the July 4th deadline date, we’ve brought in two of the judges – Graham Crawford and Lauren Erickson – to give us a peek at some of the entries already submitted.


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ErikaR says:

Great! Love improvements of old landmarks.

ratdog says:

Miss the old Connaught 🙁

ariadne89 says:

Such a lovely historical building.

zsazsa says:

Nice memorabilia

jenten says:

Nice historical building.

Bob says:

A new Era begins!

Ms Caroline says:

All i can say is that the R C is out of this World. I wish that i could afford being a Resident. It would be an Honor!!

rock says:

dukes lounge wow

Lisa says:

It used to be so beautiful. Friends of our got married there. It’s good to see it comes to live again. It was such a wasted to let it sit empty for so long. Thanks to the investors whom weren’t afraid to take a chance in Hamilton Downtown.

Jjmc says:

Can’t wait to see it!

Lee says:

very interesting


It will be very nice and chic to live in!

Alayne Howie says:

Lived the Old Connaught-Proud piece of Hamilton

cathy says:

Wish I could afford to live in that magnificent landmark.

frank says:

I used to work in the boiler room in the 70s

vivian-r-us says:

Great to see old buildings being retained for other uses.

Sandra says:

Will this be better than before, yes it will.

Joanna says:

Cannot wait to see the NEW DO! It’s been 30 yrs since my last visit!

Marilyn & Bob Hammond says:

I came from a meager back ground, so years ago- when, I had the opportunity, to go toTV the Royal Connaught for a Century 21 training week, I was really excited. The Royal Connaught really was just like, the famous Hotel, I had seen in a movie. Gorgeous décor. Our Century 21 group, and especially me, were happy with everything that week.
I drove about 55 miles from Port Colborne. We really appreciated the good service- there was delicious hot coffee, and a goodie. Also orange juice and pitchers of water were ready for us, on tables with table clothes. I for one felt I was getting “Royal Service”
I am approaching my Seventieth Birthday on July 17th. , It would be great to have my Birthday Dinner at the Connaught. My dear late husband, had lung disease, and passed away from COPD. in 2010. In 2012 I met Bob, a widower, we are now engaged. He and I live in Welland, in a older home, that he has been working on since we moved in last August. He worked six or seven years for the cty of Hamilton, -n the green houses, and on golf courses. Then he worked many years as a grounds keeper for the school board. Hopefully, when the Connaught reopens Bob will stop working long enough to take me to the Connaught for dinner. All the best for FUTURE SUCCESS! YOURS TRULY Marilyn Hall, and Bob Hammond- marilyn17@bell.net
ll consider, taking me to the new

Missy1971 says:

Great for the downtown

patches1 says:

It sounds like a great place to live. I would love to take a tour of the old building made new again. We were in it about 15 years ago and would love to see the changes.

Ch/ching says:

A lot of great people have stayed there including the Queen of England.

Lee says:

nice place

John says:

Hamilton downtown is coming back!!