Medical marijuana facility robbed

5 people are in custody and 5 others are on the run after a medical marijuana facility in Port Colborne was robbed Monday morning. Homeowners on Pinecrest road in Port Colborne were woken up to a loud chopper and sirens. “I had seen about 25 cruisers, unmarked cars, a helicopter which was about 100 feet above the road.”

Police were called to Mulieboom Organics, a licensed medical marijuana facility shortly before 4. With 5 robbers still on the run vehicles coming in and out of the Pinecrest road area were being questioned. A U-Haul truck and a grey coloured Volkswagen with front-end damage were taken off the property by a flatbed.

This isn’t the first time the facility has been in the spotlight. 2 years ago former Prime Minister John Turner put his support behind expanding the facility into a commercial medicinal marijuana grow operation. Turner attended a public hearing on the controversial expansion but the company faced steep opposition from residents and the operation never went through.

Police believe the 5 suspects may still be in the eastern part of Port Colborne.


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