Mayor invites youth organizations to discuss ongoing gun violence

Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger will host a roundtable discussion next week, in hopes of ending the ongoing gun violence in the city. Eisenberger has invited representatives from local youth organizations to talk about what they can do to end the senseless crimes

“It’s a big issue for me. As you know I’ve asked for a handgun ban. That’s ultimately still part of the solution but there are other things that we can do.” Says Eisenberger.

The mayor has invited members of local youth organizations, the Kiwanis Boys and Girls club, Liberty for Youth, the YMCA, the John Howard Society and others. The objective: to identify the root causes of the violence and find ways to stop it.

The mayors round table discussion will take place next Tuesday at 2 at Hamilton City Hall. Members of the public are not invited to attend nor is the media. The mayor will have a Q and A session with the media following the discussion.