Mayor Fred Eisenberger says protesters ‘pretend to represent queer and trans groups’

Fred Eisenberger is voicing an accusation that pride protesters are ‘pretending’ to represent queer and trans groups.

The Mayor shared photos Friday morning of protesters on his front lawn. The people were outside his home in the morning allegedly banging on the doors of his home and shouting profanity.

Eisenberger has been facing backlash for asking a group of audience members at City Hall to leave after they called out Sam Merulla for comments alleging protesters only want to stir the pot.

In an interview with CHCH’s Adam Atkinson, the Mayor said he thinks these people are not interested in dialog, and are only looking to cause mayhem.

‘They’re really trying to challenge and upset and cause mayhem, that’s certainly something that was done at the gay pride event at Gage Park, its been happening out here at City Hall, and now they’re taking it to my personal address,’ says Eisenberger.

The Mayor went on to add that he knows the groups are intertwined, and are pretending to be anti-establishment, along with pretending to be representing the queer, trans group.

He says it is unacceptable to show up at his home and impact his family and neighbours and that he will be working with police to hold those who broke the law, accountable.