Maps to the Stars premieres at TIFF

David Cronenberg on the red carpet at TIFF

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Day six at TIFF provided a map to the stars — not just to the red carpet. But that’s the name of the latest flick from Canadian Director David Cronenberg.

‘Map To The Stars’ has plenty of them — Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Robert Pattinson who had the crowd in a frenzy. This is the second time that Pattinson has been in a David Cronenberg film. Pattinson said he can relate to the quirks inherent in a Cronenberg film.

Julianne Moore gives an excellent performance as Havana Segrand, a desperate and insecure middle-aged actress scheming remorselessly to land the lead in a remake of a film her mother starred in years ago.

Cronenberg describes the movie as extremely dark but extremely funny. He sees it as very entertaining while perhaps breaking your heart at the same time.