Man wins judo championship at the age of 82

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Herman Vermeiren can teach these kids a thing or two. A once poor immigrant from Belgium, Herman didn’t even begin practicing judo until after he moved to Hamilton in his mid 20’s to become a welder. His career now spans over five decades.

Just this past November, at the age of 82, he took home the world title for a second time beating out the only other two competitors in the 80-85 year old division.

“Most people they grab and grrrrr and it’s all strength. But it’s not strength. In judo it’s technique.”

Now he’s teaching his skills to the next generation of judo champions.

Last year, Herman suffered a heart attack. For some it would have ended their career. But not for Herman.

“Too many people hold on to bad things that happen to them. They happened to me too. But leave them behind you and only look at the good and enjoy it as much as you can. That’s why I stay young.”