Man arrested for personating a peace officer in Welland

Niagara police have charged a man for falsely identifying himself as a police officer in Welland.

Police say a man flashed a fake badge after a verbal altercation with another driver.

The force says 49-year-old Ryan W. Miller was charged for personating a peace officer and is scheduled to appear in court on May 7.

They say people should call the police if there is ever a suspicion that a person is falsely identifying themselves as an officer.

They have released the following safety tips:

– Make sure it is a marked police unit. If it is not a marked unit, the emergency lights should be built in and are usually not a temporary light placed on the vehicle.

– Do not get out of the vehicle to meet the officer. Officers usually prefer people to stay in their vehicle for their own safety.

– Lock your door.

– Look for a uniform, official department jacket, and other equipment used by police officers for the performance of their duties.

– Pay attention to what they are asking. Most officers will advise you of the reason for the stop and request your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.

– If the officer is in plainclothes, look for identifying clothing and equipment. If unsure, explain to the officer that you are unsure about the situation and ask them to display official department identification and badge. Ask where they work and if you can contact their dispatch center to confirm their identity. You may also request that a marked patrol unit respond.