Man arrested after calling woman 200 times in 1 day: Halton police

A man has been arrested after he allegedly called a woman more than 200 times in one day.

Halton police say a man and woman met online in the summer of 2019 and began an “intimate relationship.”

Earlier this year, the woman ended the relationship after the man showed up at her workplace despite being told not to do so.

Police say the man then repeatedly tried to contact her by phone and text message. In one day, he allegedly called more than 200 times, using both caller ID and no caller ID.

Investigators say while the victim was filing a police report, the man repeatedly tried to call her. He also sent text messages threatening to attend her place of work.

The man was arrested and charged with criminal harassment. He was released on an undertaking but the very next day, he was arrested again after he sent a text to the victim. He was then held in custody for a bail hearing.

“Criminal harassment, which includes “stalking,” is a crime. While many crimes are defined by conduct that results in a very clear physical outcome (for example, murder), the offence of criminal harassment prohibits deliberate conduct that is psychologically harmful to others,” said Halton police. “Criminal harassment often consists of repeated conduct that is carried out over a period of time and that causes its targets to reasonably fear for their safety but does not necessarily result in physical injury. It may be a precursor to subsequent violent and/or lethal acts.”

Police say the woman was referred to the Halton Regional Service Domestic Violence Victim Coordinator with the Victim Services Unit.

Investigators will not be releasing any more details regarding this investigation.