Major delays after two die in 401 crash

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Two people are dead, a third remains in critical condition following a horrific crash on Highway 401 East in Mississauga just before nine Saturday morning.  Canada’s busiest highway is expected to be closed in both directions throughout the day after the multi-vehicle collision that included a transport truck.  The crash occurred near the Winston Churchill exit and debris is scattered across east and westbound lanes. Two men died at the scene, a third was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Earlier reports indicated he also died. The OPP are investigating.


  1. To close a highway down, especially the busiest in North America, for that length of time just to do an investigation of an accident is ridiculous. Just what are the police doing? After the vehicles are removed, debris cleaned off the road, witnesses names and addresses recorded and pictures and measurements taken what other reason is there to close a busy road? In many states in the USA there are laws mandating the length of time you can close a major freeway after an accident. In Florida I believe it is 60 minutes after everything is cleared away and reports and measurements taken but in Ontario we close roads for hours and as in this case, days. What are the police doing…building a full scale mock-up of a crime scene? This is irresponsible and, regardless of what excuses investigators may come up with, unnecessary.

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