Main party leaders are back on the campaign trail

Fresh off the French-language debate, the main party leaders are back on the campaign trail today. Both NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau are coming out with fresh election promises.

Trudeau took his campaign to Brampton today where he announced his immigration reform plan. The Liberal leader says family re-unification is at the core of it. A Liberal government will immediately double the number of applications allowing for parents to and grandparents to 10 thousand every year. Second we will double the budget for family class applications waiting times will come down.”
Trudeau says that they will provide greater access for siblings of Canadian citizens and raise the maximum age of dependants from 19 to 22. Trudeau also says that they will change the rules so that spouses coming to Canada will no longer face a two year waiting period and will receive immediate permanent residency.

Mulcair was in Quebec City today discussing one of the hot topic’s of last night’s leaders’ debate, whether the Niqab should be allowed at citizenship ceremonies The NDP leader is sticking to his position that women should have a right to wear a veil at those ceremonies.

Meanwhile, Harper was also in Quebec where he was questioned over his reluctance to take a hard line on Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses. The Conservative government’s recent brokering of a 14-point-eight billion dollar military vehicle contract with the Saudi government has raised questions about the ethics of the deal.

Thursday night’s French language debate marked the beginning of an intense nine-day period that will see 3 leaders’ debates in total There is one more in French and one predominantly in English. CHCH News is the only over the air broadcaster running the next English language leaders debate live this coming Monday immediately follow the Evening News at six. With the start time at 7:00pm. The debate will be taking place at Roy Thompson Hall and the focus will be on foreign policy. Post debate analysis will follow, with a complete wrap at 11:00pm


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Sandra says:

Back to driving the horses to the well.

EvilTeddyBear says:

All the parties talk about how they’re going to help the middle~class and seniors, yet, neglect to offer any help to the lower class or disabled. Do we not matter??? Jimy

Jackie says:

It is so easy for any of these parties to make their election promises because there will be a minority government and absolutely nothing will get accomplished.