Mac Researches develop healthcare game changer

Researchers at McMaster University have discovered a quick and easy way to diagnose any illness you might be suffering from and it’s a potential game changer in the healthcare world.

“The idea is we can span from infectious disease to cancer to really any disease where you would use DNA or RNA as a piece of detection mode.” John Brennan, Biointerfaces.

It uses a tiny sample of blood, sweat or other fluid and changes colour when the illness it’s testing for is present. The test was developed by biochemists, engineers and chemists at McMaster University and is so simple, anyone can do it

The test is portable, inexpensive and doesn’t need any other equipment. It effectively works like a home pregnancy test changing colour when something is detected. During cold and flu season patients could save trips to the doctor by testing themselves at home. It can diagnose infections even before patients feel any symptoms and portable enough that it could be used at airports to test for ebola.

The next step for these researchers is to work with industrial partners to commercial the test and in a few years it could be something you can pick up at your drug store.


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