Liberal MPs filibuster attempts to restart WE Charity probes

Liberal MPs successfully filibustered opposition efforts to re-start the probe into the WE Charity affair.

Two House of Commons committees spent nearly the entire day Thursday discussing and debating Conservative motions without success.

The motions calls for more scrutiny into the federal government’s decision to award WE the
multimillion-dollar contract to run the abandoned student service grant program.

Questions have been raised about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former finance minister Bill Morneau’s personal and his family ties to the organization.

Opposition parties are trying to reopen investigations at the finance and ethics committees, demanding documents that had been asked for before prorogation.

These investigations were shut down when Trudeau prorogued Parliament.

Both committees ended their day without resolution when Bloc Quebecois MPs joined Liberals in voting to pause.

The hearings are set to resume at 11 a.m. Friday.


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