LGBTQ supporters say enough is enough at Hamilton City Hall

Supporters of the Pride community stood outside Hamilton City Hall today, in hopes of drowning out the Yellow Vest protesters.

Since the violent Pride event two weeks ago, many are taking a more active stance on the far right protests – calling them unacceptable.

The Yellow Vests have been protesting at Hamilton City Hall every weekend for months. The alt-right movement that has spread across Canada is anti-Trudeau, anti-carbon tax, and anti-immigration.

Pride protesters say the Yellow Vests are also against Muslims, and queer people.

One protester states, “The city and police have that mandate of recognizing what hate is and they are just not applying it the way they should be.”

Both those who identify as LGBTQ and cisgender say enough is enough.

It’s been two weeks of unrest following the violence at Pride. A protest at Gore Park last night slammed City Council and police for not standing with the gay community.

Police are still combing through the online videos of the violence at Pride and need victims to come forward.

So far five arrests have been made.