The Larry Paikin Literacy Express

One of the biggest questions facing the city of Hamilton is how to fix broken neighbourhoods.

One possible answer appeared in the ‘Keith’ neighbourhood of north-end Hamilton on Sunday afternoon.

It’s a neighbourhood facing clear challenges.

43% of its residents are living in poverty, 37% have never finished high school and the drop-out rate of 17% is nearly three times higher than anywhere else in the city.

But this newly established and unusual fixture is designed to help put the neighbourhood on a different track, toward a destination with a brighter future.

The new facility was officially opened by lieutenant governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

It will take a lot more than pomp and circumstance to keep the literacy express rolling, but the early signs are hopeful.

A strong volunteer base is the engine powering this initiative.

The Larry Paikin Literacy Express currently takes on passengers Monday through Friday from 4 to 8 PM.

That schedule will be expanded as qualified educational volunteers are added to the crew.



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