All lanes closed on Burlington Skyway after tractor trailer tips over

The Burlington Skyway bridge has reopened after the strong winds toppled a transport truck and shut it down.

The vehicle was travelling in the Niagara bound lanes when it tipped onto its side around noon on Wednesday.

OPP say the trailer was empty when it overturned and no injuries were reported.

A heavy tow truck was brought in to assist with the clean up. The empty trailer was dragged off of the bridge around 1:30 p.m.

“Obviously, far too windy to actually pull it up; to right it on top of the Skyway,” said OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt in a Periscope video. “We are keeping it on its side, dragging it down the Skyway…until we get to some place safe. Either wait for the winds to calm down or get to a better location where we can do the up righting.”

Both lanes re-opened just after 5 pm.


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