Lancaster Bunny reunited with owner

On Monday, we reported that the Lancaster bunny that fell out of the sky more than 20 days ago was found. The stuffed animal was located on top of a long term care facility in Burlington, and today, that bunny, who’s name is Bunny, was returned to her owner.

Bunny has been in the family for nearly 26 years and on November 9th, Jim McGinnis ticked off a bucket list item by flying a World War II Lancaster bomber, with Bunny along for the ride.

Bunny was sucked out of the plane though when Jim set her up for a photo.

The very next day, the McGinnis family began a city-wide Bunny hunt.

Then Rob Pearce and Kevin Vanderwal were working on the roof of the Cama Woodlands long term care home in Burlington and Bunny was sitting on the rooftop. After taking a quick selfie, they handed Bunny over to Cama Woodlands and today Bunny was reunited with Victoria McGinnis.

Victoria, who works for the Mirvish Theatre in Toronto, thanked Kevin and Rob with four tickets to the award-winning musical Come From Away, another great Canadian story about planes and people in this country helping one another.