Justin Trudeau makes his United Nations debut

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In his first speech to the United Nations general assembly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the world needs to work together to fight fear and division and that Canadians are here to help. Trudeau praised Canada’s diversity but also acknowledged that it hasn’t always been like this and more work has to be done.

“From the internment of Ukranian, Japanese and Italian Canadians during the wars, from our turning away of Jewish and Punjabi refugees, to the shamefully continually marginalization of our Indeginous people.”

A day after announcing roughly $65 million in spending over the next few years to help displaced people across the globe, Trudeau said he has high hopes for the 31 000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada in the last year.

“So when I say the Syrian refugees that we welcomed will soon be able to join our middle class I’m confident that we can make that happen and will do it by offering them the same thing we offer all our citizens.”

Trudeau’s first general assembly address was similar to that of Barak Obama’s last. Canada co-hosted the out-going president’s leader’s summit on refugees on the sidelines of the UNGA. The positive reception of Trudeau has been a trend throughout his 2-day visit. He announced that he’s vying to return Canada to the United Nations security council for the 2021-2022 term.