Tim Bosma: Jury selection day 2

For a 2nd day, almost 200 people filed into the John Sopinka Courthouse to tell a judge whether they’re willing and able to serve as jurors for the first degree murder trial of two men accused of killing Ancaster Tim Bosma, the trial is expected to last four months.

This case has attracted so much attention that 1800 potential jurors were summoned but those potential jurors who decided not to show up have not been let off the hook. Justice Goodman says he was disturbed that a number of people decided not to answer their summons, he has sent the sheriff who enforces court orders to root them out and demand they appear in court February 5th to explain why they didn’t answer their summons.

This rarely happens but you could be charged with contempt of court, fined $1000 and or spend 30 days in jail if you ignore a jury summons. The judge is making it very clear that jury duty is an important civic responsibility.


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