Judy, the wild turkey, is Chippawa’s community pet

Judy the wild turkey has captured the hearts of the people of Chipppawa, and the Niagara Falls village has made her a community pet.

Most mornings Judy can be found at the Tim Hortons in Chippawa looking for some timbits.

“She blocks off our drive through. She used to come every morning and the guys would feed her timbits. That’s why she keeps coming. We have a lady who comes though everyday and buys one just for her. ”

Judy has no problem being really close to people.

Betty Scriver sees Judy as a pet, often leaving her garage door open for her.

“She goes in and I have a little feeding station there for her and she’s quite happy”

And she’s not the only one. .

“She comes out and hangs around on our front deck and pops up on our porch. She hangs out in the garage with us quite often. ”

“A few days ago she was at our house for about six hours. ”

Judy wanders the neighbourhood all day long. She plays with the squirrels, chasing them around bushes. And she’s even become best friends with one of the local house cats. Sometimes they relax together out on the porch.