Jet skiers save 100 people trapped in flooded homes in the Bahamas

A group of jet skiers managed to save about 100 people who were trapped in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian.

About a dozen jet-skiers, including two friends that are a part of a jet-ski club, went around Freeport on Tuesday rescuing people trapped in floodwaters.

They say they saved dozens of people pleading for help, among them pregnant women and even a baby in a styrofoam cooler.

The group also rescued Michael Pintard, the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources in the Bahamas and his family.

Pintard said the waves were rough and the winds were strong making the rescue extremely difficult. The jet skis even capsized two times.

Pintard also said he was grateful for the jet-skiers and prays for those in his community who lost so much.