‘Jersey Boys’ back in Toronto

Scene from 'Jersey Boys' (handout)

The Broadway hit Jersey Boys is back on stage in Toronto.

A return to an era that seemingly never went away, a forerunner to the pop tune tastes of the digital generation. They were young, blue collar boys from New Jersey who dominated the music-scape of the doo-wop 1960’s.

The charismatic Frankie Valli, with his trademark nasal crooning, fronted the four-part harmony group, singing its way to the top of the charts even as the british invasion approached.

Jersey Boys defies the label of a juke box musical. It’s more than a collection of recycled chart toppers linked to a story line poured from a can.

The story details internal squabbling and mob connections. Notable is the fact that this cast actually sounds, with a little imagination, like the singers they are portraying.

“Oh! What a night.” It seems the Four Seasons are still in season.

Jersey Boys continues through January 4th at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre.