Islamic State claims responsibility for bombings in Sri Lanka

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. At least 321 people were killed in the attacks, while another 500 were injured. Tonight, a member of the local Sri Lankan community wants to make sure the victims aren’t forgotten.

It’s a national day of mourning in Sri Lanka; a day to mourn the victims of Sunday’s terror attack. That grief is being felt half way around the world in Hamilton by people of Sri Lankan descent. So far, about 40 suspects have been arrested, all Sri Lankan. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombers targeted citizens of the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic state. It referred to Easter as an infidel holiday.

Sri Lanka’s state defense minister believes Sunday’s suicide bombings were carried out in retaliation for last month’s mosque shootings in New Zealand, where 50 Muslims were gunned down by a white supremacist inside two mosques; but New Zealand officials say they haven’t seen any intelligence linking the two.

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister admits intelligence agencies issued warnings prior to Sunday’s bomb attacks. He says some officials will likely lose their jobs over the intelligence lapses. He also warns there are more explosives and militants out there. A state of emergency remains in effect in Sri Lanka.