Investigation underway into Mississauga blast

The investigation continues into the Mississauga explosion that killed one woman and damaged 25 homes on Hickory Drive in the Dixie and Rathburn area of Mississauga late Tuesday afternoon.

The Ontario Fire Marshal has taken over the investigation and is in the process of trying to determine what caused the blast. Peel regional police say that they are slowly allowing residents to return to their homes, the reason they couldn’t before was that the homes may have been structurally unsafe. Police say if residents are unsure if they can return to their homes, to call police. Residents that are allowed back to the area will be able to access their homes on foot or in their vehicle.

Fire officials are not speculating as to what may have caused the explosion but some residents in the area have said they found notes among the debris and rubble that may have alluded to possible financial problems of one of the homeowners. Police are not yet saying whether these notes are related to the blast, but they are treating them as evidence. Investigators are also not confirming the exact content of the notes or which home in particular they may have come from.

Mississauga Fire Chief Tim Beckett says that homes on either side of the blasts centre will have to be demolished because of severe damage.

Police and fire officials say this will be a very long process in trying to determine a cause; they will likely be on scene through the entire weekend.