Interview with Andrea Horwath

As our coverage of the provincial election continues — throughout the campaign we will be speaking to the party leaders to get a better sense of their platforms — and what they’re promising or planning if their elected. Last week, we spoke to Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne.

Tonight, we’re joined by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath who’s campaigning in Niagara Falls. Thank you for you time.

You’re promising to cut hydro rates?? Can you tell us how much — and how you’ll do that?.

That and your plan to go further on hiking the minimum wage are the most specifics we’ve heard from your campaign so far. When will you release some concrete details about what you would do differently than your opponents in terms of jobs and in terms of getting Ontario’s debt under control?

Many people see last week’s Liberal budget as an NDP documemt with a red jacket if you will. Plenty of taxing and spending — but you rejected it — sending us into this election. How will you convince people that you have better plans or ideas when you’ve rejected more money for support workers — people on disability etc?

I’m sure you want to win the Niagara Falls riding — since it is a bell weather seat. But its widely seen that your win in the by-election two months ago was due in large part because you were able to focus so much support into that riding to put Wayne Gates over the top. Can your party possibly sustain the level of volunteer and union support in that riding to keep it orange?

One of the big issues in Hamilton is transit funding. The Liberals are being vague about what specifically the money promised in the budget would pay for — do you have a concrete plan for transit in Hamilton — either LRT or otherwise?. And how important do you think it is to the city you represent?


  1. I think it’s great that she’s trying to lower hydro costs for Ontarian’s especially with the summer season coming up. My Hydro bill doubles even tho I do laundry on weekends and set my washer to start in the middle of the night. She might also want to consider looking at municipality water bills. Currently we are paying double for what we use. What goes in is charged the same for what goes out. They tell us to conserve then when we do they complain they aren’t bringing in the money to make upgrades on the system. I thought that’s what taxes were for??? I have been a Liberal since I could vote but now I’m rethinking my political backing.

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