HWCDSB Surplus Notices handed out

Layoffs may be looming for some Catholic highschool teachers in Hamilton, as the school board will be sending out surplus notices tomorrow. It’s a routine procedure for the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, but the board says this year the surplus will be greater due to the provincial government’s move to increase class sizes.

Highschool teachers in the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic Board received an email last week, notifying staff that tomorrow, some educators will be handed surplus notices. The surplus notices are to notify highschool teachers that their jobs might not be needed. Its unclear what schools will be impacted.

The chair of the school board, Patrick Daly wasn’t available to speak on camera but told CHCH News that secondary teachers will be receiving notices of surplus. They are not lay off slips and our hope is that all will maintain employment with our board in the next school year. He says theres no guarantee that positions will be available for all staff, the worse case would be a lay off.

Daly says the teachers collective agreement requires these notices by certain dates, and while its a routine procedure, he did say that this year the Ford government’s plan to increase class sizes has exacerbated the situation.

For over a month now, teachers and students across the province have been protesting the Ford governments move to increase class sizes. The Ford government says they are bumping up high school class sizes by six students, from 22 to 28, over the next four years.

A week ago, thousands descended on Queens Park, teachers scared of losing their jobs, students concerned about the quality of their education.

Daly wouldn’t say how many teachers will be receiving the notices tomorrow, but sources told CHCH News that its expected 30-40 teachers will be notified.