How some Niagara businesses are preparing for a potential wave of visitors

Some businesses in Niagara are forced to make some hard decisions as visitors from Toronto and Peel continue to roll in. One tourist hotspot is considering a new safety measure.

Jason Gaidola has the details.


  1. I have been socially responsible and not travelled outside my home/work bubble. Why are people from restricted areas allowed to visit/stay and infect us here in Niagara. I am outraged and angry. Do something!!!!

  2. Whats the point of a lock down if people from the infected area can just disperse elsewhere?.doesnt that scenario potentially expedite the spread?great job politicians!

  3. We Don’t need Toronto’s problems here my neighbors come from Toronto and we are deluged with her family coming here all week, they have no respect for others right’s to quiet or personal space.
    We should be asking for an Id to prove people are from our area before allowing entry to any of our establishments, they haven’t obeyed rules in their own area, why should they bring their problems here

  4. Please stop everyone coming to Niagara Falls We can’t afford to get more covid here They are going to kill us here. Why isn’t Ford doing anything for us Then again he only cares about business

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