Hospitals hiring nursing students to help alleviate pressures on the healthcare system

While a shortage of nurses is putting a strain on Ontario’s healthcare system, hospitals have been hiring nursing students to help out. Manesa Dhanabalan reports some of those McMaster students say it’s an eye-opening experience.


  1. Why don’t they give those nurses and doctors trained outside canada a chance. Give them a training. Let them do registration test. They are a lot doing psws. It will help with the shortage.
    Quebec is doing that , 8 months update training….

    • That’s my exact point. It’s absolutely ridiculous how Canada makes it hard for internationally educated nurses to practice. Canada should learn from the USA. Just an update of law and ethics , registration exam are enough for an internationally educated nurse to practice safely.

  2. That is a good idea Nancy! I work with mainly East Indian girls who were RNs back home. It wouldn’t take much to train them as to the Canadian ways

  3. It would be ideal and high time to give internationally educated nurses an opportunity to prove themselves. Years of experience, still nobody is allowed to practice.

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