Eisenberger returns as Hamilton mayor

(Updated) It looks like Hamilton’s getting another round of Fred Eisenberger.

Eisenberger lost the last election to Bob Bratina, but now the city has voted him back in. He defeated Brad Clark, former ward 9 councillor, and Brian McHattie, former councillor for ward 1.

more to come


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jpd says:

Same old mayor but probably best choice

Mr. says:

Lets hope, who ever wins, thinks about reducing the taxes and increase the tax base by attracting more big businesses.

debiataylor says:

Wow, Hamilton won the booby prize for mayor. I guess time was on his side and people forgot what he was like as mayor.

Debbie W says:

Exactly. Let’s hope he doesn’t move forward on LRT. We don’t need it & can’t afford it

Lee says:

What a sad day for Hamilton.

Shelly says:

I met Fred personally one time and I am so happy he got in again he is a very nice man. And congratulations to you.

Armand says:

30% of eligible voters turned out yesterday, we have to do a whole lot better if we want change, an experienced guy is a good thing.

bgee says:

much the same old boys club, it will be interesting to say the least.

OakieRF says:

none of the choices were appealing, really

Joan says:

I wish Fred and our city luck and success.
I hope he keeps the military liaison, I feel he is an important part of our team, especially in recent events.
And lastly I hope to have better bus service and not light rail transit.
Thank you

Canadiens says:

This is good news for Hamilton and a fresh start

Christine says:

I can’t believe we elected Fred again. Do the people of Hamilton not remember his term as our leader. Indecisive on the whole stadium deal and not very effective. If we did not re-elect him in 2010 there must have been a reason. I guess some Hamiltonians have very short memories. Very sad day for our community.

CHCH Fan says:

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Disappointing election at all levels. Too many incumbents were re-elected. That said, our city did show well this past week and our citizens proved once again that Hamiltonians are great people. Take note political leaders and do your part. Prove you deserve to be leaders of this great city! We have given you another chance – don’t let us down!