Home Video Releases // May 31

Gods of Egypt

This week’s new home video releases feature zombies, crooked cops, and weird metallic Egyptian god-type people.

Triple 9

Even with a promising cast and intriguing story, Triple 9 didn’t see much success at the box office grossing just over $12.5-million during its 7 week run earlier this year. The consensus from Rotten Tomatoes does give the film credit though saying that “the film’s efficient, solidly crafted genre fun is often enough to balance its troublesome flaws.” Sounds like the type of movie that is worth renting if you’re into the crime genre. The home release features a few deleted scenes and two featurettes: “Under the Gun” and “An Authentic World”.

You can enter to win a Blu-ray copy of Triple 9 right here.

Gods of Egypt

When Gods of Egypt opened with a paltry $14-million weekend it had all the trappings of a huge box office bomb. Surprisingly though, with the help of a decent international run the film was able to break even. The film is getting released this week on Blu-ray in standard HD, 3D, and 4K Ultra HD formats and includes six featurettes breaking down the film’s production, cast, visual effects, and fight choreography.

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